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sulphuric saliva on deezer & spotify

Heart of Noise

Some of you requested it, so the whole discography is going to streaming platforms. 

Begining with « Noisetracks » and « Heart of Noise » albums, that are now available on Deezer and Spotify. 

Because of resolution requirements, artworks needed to be renewed. Moreover, we did not own any more the original artworks in sufficient quality, so we decided to revisit them. « Heart of noise » uses the same original photography by Oliver Chesler ©. And « Noisetracks » uses a TV like noise pattern, as it takes a lot of samples from movies (Wells, Lynch, Herzog…).

Nevertheless, if they look different, the sound is absolutely the same as on Bandcamp in terms of audio quality and mastering. Now, you can find them on a lot more of download platforms such as iTunes, Qobuz, JunoDownload etc…

Use with caution III EP

So here it is. The last EP contains Ascension made for the two Quebec & Montreal gigs (2006), and also a new one, Modular path, written with hardware modular stuff.

Grab your copy from bandcamp


I’m very happy to announce the availability of a brand new remastered version of TRIATOMA called « Doors and abysses ».

Originally written (and recorded) in 1998/1999, that ambient project was released as a bonus CD for the third Sulphuric Saliva’s album in 2005.
The titles have been remastered from original tapes, but some of them could not be kept. So this is kind of an hybrid edition, including previously unreleased tracks (Species encounter 3, Passage, Shell eater and T#2).

Hope you’ll enjoy it !

TRIATOMA on bandcamp

Use with caution II EP

Second opus is waiting for you with two remastered oldies : Absolute control (which was initially written for Heart of Noise albumand Pulse (played many times during gigs).

Grab your copy from bandcamp

Use with caution EP

I’m proud to announce a serie of 3 Eps under the name « Use with caution ». This is the first one.
It contains two tracks from 2000 and 2001 : Rapture (rough indus techno), and Meal (cinematic industriel).
Grab your copy from bandcamp.

New website launch

Welcome, this is the official new website. Please note the address is no longer but